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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soup Kitchens and Banks

So Barry, been helluva couple weeks. Hang in there, you're doin' good.

Anyway, couple weeks ago I double dog dared you to mention some things that get my goat. And you did - you talked about jobs, unions, bad food and pay-to-play. If I had any input into that, I thank you.

Now then, things are gettin' worse quick. Listen Barry: we need soup kitchens now. You saw the Denny's free breakfast deal, right? I mean two hour lines for a free breakfast, for Pete'e sake. Ya, we need jobs, but we need to eat too and there ain't no jobs. Ya gotta do something, people are starving out here.

Here's another thing. The only thing you say about banks is that the CEO can't make more than $500K. Gimme a break willya. Holy crap. $500K. Listen here, I'll run a bank for $25K. Here's my qualifications: I know absolutely nothing about running a bank but I am a bookkeeper. Guaranteed to be a better deal than the current crooks and losers.

I'm so pissed about the banks that I'm running a seminar for some local congress people about how to regulate banks. Trying to get FDIC, FED, SEC and all those guys in a room with the field reps.

Subject is this: what went wrong and how do we fix it.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know what happens.

So, Barry, take it easy and be nice to those great girls of yours.

I'm off.

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