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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drainin the Swamp

Hey Barry -

Once I read a coffee cup about real estate, makes sense for you bout now.

'Remember when you're up to your ass in alligators that your goal was to drain the swamp'

Keep on draining that swamp, Barry, we loves ya.

Russia - ya takes the steam outta the talk in Moscow. Keep it up with lotsa committee's, hard to stay pi--ed when you gotta go to a meetin in 2 hours

Muslims, Africa - ya tells it like it is, made things better. Thass the good ol' USA - no BS from here.

Sicko - I'm not real happy bout the insurance cuz it don't actually do nuthin good, so keep on the federal insurance program. We gotta get sumthin outa this, Barry.

Banks ! - Ya gotta keep drivin it, Barry; them bankers are slippery and ya can't let em get away again.

'conomy - ya right, it's gonna take some time, but Barry, them econs of yours ain't said doodly bout what's next. Whassup when the stimulus is done and we still don't got nobody buyin stuff?

'ghanistan - take to 'em Barry, take it to 'em.

Paki's - ya gotta stay on 'em bout the nukes and the talis. no choice but to make that place work right.

Worried bout you Barry - ya already got some grey showin an its only been 6 months. We needs ya, so take care of youself.

your pal

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