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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let's Help RICH Create Jobs!

Hey Barry:

The RICH keep on sayin they'll create some jobs real soon now and that's why they should stay RICH.

You and I know thas jes a crock.

But, maybe we can help them out a little.

After all, they will feel so much better when they have really created some jobs instead of just talking about it.

Here's some history on how we can do that: when we look back at the 1950's we see that there were a lot of infrastructure jobs around - we were building roads and schools and bridges and airports like there was no tomorrow.

OK, that was a long time ago, but how did we get the money back then?

Simple answer - we put a 90% tax on high incomes and a 70% tax on estates. With that money we created the infrastructure that we still use today - except it's a little worn round the edges and needs some patching.

That's how the RICH can help create jobs and make our country better - we will tax them to get the money to pay for what we need.

And, we can help the Federal deficit as well - which is running about a trillion a year:

After all, it only takes a taxing a few of the RICH to help balance the budget.

And, Barry, if the RICH don't like it, they can take their money and move to someplace where they will be welcome like Mexico or Somalia. [I don't mean any disrepect to those countries, but I'm guessing that RICH folks' money and sense of entitlement might actually help out there.]

We surely will NOT miss them here. Please encourage them to leave Barry. It's like Dear Abby says: 'It's time for a divorce when you'll be better off without them than you are with them.'

Your pal,

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