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Saturday, November 20, 2010

For the Immigrants

Hey Barry:

This is not for you, but read ahead.

Sometimes I hear about something that I cannot forget and am compelled to write about. In this case I cannot repeat the exact information, but can only expand on the general theme.

These thoughts are directed toward the men in the many communities that immigrate to the US of A.

I think it is important to try to communicate some ideas about our country on some sensitive questions. I do not intend to castigate all immigrants since the vast majority are decent law abiding citizens. And, there are many Native born Americans who fall into these errors; it is worse for the Americans because they know better.

We welcome you here and we are glad that you have chosen to honor us by coming here with your families. We have some knowledge of the hardships that you have endured to make the journey. We are a nation of immigrants, after all.

In America, all religious faiths are free to worship in their own way. There is no government or state religion and we make it a matter of law that no religion is favored over any other religion. Even those with no faith are free to follow their conscience without censure or restriction.

Having said that, we do not tolerate any violence from members of one religious faith toward members of any other faith. We consider that a hate crime and the perpetrators will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

These practices apply equally to people of different races and national origins.

Regardless of your faith or custom, women are considered absolutely equal with men in every aspect of life. If she chooses, your wife is free to leave you at any moment. You are not allowed to make any effort of force or violence to make her stay with you if she wishes to leave. If you do so, you will be arrested and prosecuted for criminal acts. This is so regardless of your immigration status.

If your wife is afraid that you may beat her and your children, a private, non-governmental organization composed entirely of women may help your family leave you; the organization also will prevent you from finding out where is your family.

If you persist in tracking them down you will be prosecuted as a criminal.

The age of consent for sexual relations is 18 years of age. If you engage in sexual relations with any child under that age, you will be considered a criminal and also a person unworthy of civilized society. When you go to prison, the other prisoners will probably kill you.

This is especially true if the child is a member of your family.

There are many other areas of life in which the government has the right to interfere in your family life if the government has evidence that children are not being treated properly.

Although our ideas are still evolving on the subject of homosexuality, the majority of Americans share the belief that homosexuality is not a choice or a lifestyle but a biological imperative as strong as a heterosexual's desire to have children.

We do not tolerate violence directed toward homosexuals or people who 'appear' to be so.

Your pal,


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