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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christina Taylor Green, R I P, and Daniel Hernandez

Hey Barry

Great speech yesterday - brought tears to my eyes, lotta tears.

At the same time you gave us hope for the future with your talk about Christina Taylor Green and Daniel Hernandez.

While we have children and young adults like these, we have a bright future.

Also, I am reminded that the tragedy or a very similar one was inevitable and will probably be repeated.

There are a couple of reasons that these tragedies will happen again.

First, our gun laws are quite simply insane. The RICH folks who sell death on our streets have corrupted Congress and the state legislatures so that they are unable to pass laws that will stop the killing.

The best tribute to Christina's memory will be effective gun control.

Second, our mental health care is ineffective. Insurance companies fight to deny coverage for mental issues because treating mentally ill people is expensive.

I believe that your health insurance program extends coverage for mental issues.

As a tribute to both Christina and Daniel, please do not let that coverage be deleted.

And, as difficult as these two issues are, they are just the tip of the societal malaise iceberg which exists in the U S of A. You can get a handle on that iceberg by reading Daniel Parenti on 'DIRTY TRUTHS' here:

We have a lot of work to do Barry.

Lotta work.

Your pal,

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