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Sunday, March 6, 2011

U S Policy in Post Revolutionary Africa, Asia

Hey Barry:

The revolutions will end soon. Now's the time to think about what the world will look like in a year or two.

Pretty much there will be two possibilities. We can hope that most of the countries will implement stable, representative governments similar to Turkey and Indonesia.

Middle East expert and Professor of Political Science at East Tennessee State University Dilshod A. Achilov has suggested that both countries can be models for future secular, representative governments; read an interview here:

The other possibility is that some dictators will survive and continue to torture their populations.

The best policy for our national security is for the US to establish contacts with each of the revolutionary movements immediately. The goal should be to see how we can help them create hope in their country without co-opting their energy. There is no doubt that countries where people hope for a better future are less likely to produce terrorists.

I want to repeat that: our national security is established ONLY when people in poor countries have hope for their future. People with no hope breed terrorists. Plain and simple, Barry; no doubt about it.

If we retreat to our past practice of choosing autocrats and dictators who say they will protect our commercial interests we will be attacked increasingly. And, we will deserve it.

We gotta be on the right side Barry. The world is changing fast. The world's population has grown from about 2 billion in 1950 to a projected 10 billion in 2150.

Last time I looked, there is no more water, oil or land being made Barry. That gonna mean we looking at more wars over survival coming down the road.

It's another big choice, Barry.

One you will make. Just you.

Please chose wisely.

Your pal,

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