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Friday, June 3, 2011

MIEPA Revises Policies - Makes Trade Important

Hey Barry:

The jury is in - Free Trade is guilty.

Overwhelming evidence shows that Free Trade does not work. Countries which show job growth use protectionist policies while countries which practice Free Trade show job losses.

MIEPA has revised its policies to make job protection the second most critical external policy, just behind the policy which says that it is a bad idea when police from other countries arrest citizens.

Here is the exact quote from Policy Analyst instructions []:

"11. Protection of Domestic Enterprises

Countries which create the most jobs, growth and wealth protect their domestic companies from foreign competition with tariffs, quotas and other restrictions, while taking care to enjoy the gains from trade wherever possible. [See Ian Fletcher, Free Trade Doesn’t Work: What Should Replace it and Why; for a complete discussion.] The more effective countries create an industrial policy - that is, they identify the industries they want to grow inside their country and then encourage those industries - and then use trade policy to support it.

The analyst will examine the current trade account for goods and services to determine whether the country shows a surplus - more exports than imports - or deficit - more imports than exports. High marks are given when the trade balance of goods and services in the current account are above balanced or balanced where exports equals imports. Low marks are given for a trade deficit. Financial transactions are not counted in this analysis.

Higher marks are given when the country has an explicit plan to establish some specified industries for future growth and fashions its trade policies to accomplish that goal."

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