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Sunday, October 16, 2011

OWS - Plan Eleven

Hey Barry:

This is for the OWS folks, but y'all can read.

Although I cannot speak for or represent the protests in any capacity, I hereby offer a proposal to restructure our economic system to create more justice in the hope that it will be considered by OWS.


There are eleven policies which will create a new and more just society if enacted in the United States.

Enacting any one or two particular policies will improve the situation, but the maximum justice will be achieved when all eleven are adopted.


1. Enact laws which make it easier for unions to organize workers. Enacting this policy will require enacting number 5, Withdraw from Free Trade Agreements, at the same time to prevent job loss from companies unable to compete with cheap imports.

2. Hire more Justice Department regulators to prosecute companies which break laws which encourage workers to form unions.

3. Enforce all anti-monopoly laws and pass more. The Justice Department has formulas which define monopolies.

4. Make oil, gas, electricity, water, sewer and telephone services into Public Utilities and regulate them with a Public Utility Commission.

5. Cancel all Free Trade agreements and replace them with tariffs that protect American jobs and companies.

6. Create a national industrial policy which identifies those industries we want and protects them.

7. Tax away the great fortunes and incomes for they drain resources away from job creation.

8. Restore Glass-Steagall so that commercial, lending banks can NOT buy assets - fix the biggest mistake we have made since 1789.

9. Keep Social Security and Medicare as high as possible.

10. Manage our debt so that we borrow when we need stimulus. We can keep the average annual fiscal deficit around 3% of GDP over time with a little work, but with high unemployment, it is the time to stimulate, not contract.

11. Require that broadcasters provide free access to qualified political parties as a condition of their FCC license.

Respectfully submitted by your supporter. I am happy to expand on any or all of these at your convenience. Email is:

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