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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mike Rogers [R, Mich] - Lovin That Torture

Hey Barry:

Looks like the BILLIONAIRE's lap dogs can't wait to hit and water board some defenseless folks. Mike Rogers, the new chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is drooling already:

Readt it here:

"....Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan was named chairman the U.S. House intelligence committee beginning today, when the U.S. Congress reconvenes......Rep. Mike Rogers, a decorated FBI agent, has often criticized the Obama administration's interrogation policies for terror suspects as being too restrictive......."

Holy cow. Please make sure he gets the memo: Torture DOES NOT WORK.

I wrote bout this in 2009

June 2009

Hey Barry:

So here's an expert who says that we should talk to the terrorists.

What an idea. You were right all along.

His name is John Arquilla and he works for the Navy.

Read it here:

Your pal

And, in 2008:

Republicans - Love that Torture

News reports are that all the Reps except McCain support torture - even more than Bush.

Perfect campaign material:

If you like torture vote Republican.

If you like freedom and dignity vote Democrat.

[OK,in case you missed the memo:

Torture hurts American national security:

1.It is illegal under US law

2. It is against American values.

3. Tortured people will say whatever they think the torturer wants to hear to make the pain stop, so the information is false

4. The military may act on false information and waste time and lives

5. It gives our enemies license to torture our troops.]

Your pal

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