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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bloodthirsty Republicans Say: 'Bomb Iran'

Barry, My Liege:

I watched the Republican Prseidential candidate debate last night.

You know what, it was pretty scary.

There were Romney, Santorum and Gingritch all agreeing that we should bomb Iran.

In fact it was about the only thing they agreed on.

Oh, and they agreed that you are damaging the USA because you don't want to bomb Iran.

These guys are just nuts. Seriously, they are crazy and need to be locked up and medicated. We cannot let any of them near a decision making position.

And, each of them fully intends to harm the national security of the United States beyond repair if elected by starting a war with Iran.

While we may sometime actually be in a war with Iran, it should be with great regret and only after exhausting all other options.

Just the thought of killing untold thousands of Iranian civilians and troops as well as thousands of American boys and girls......well, words fail at the horror.

On top of the death and destruction, it will just about kill our economy. We'll have to borrow the money to pay for it and that will eliminate our ability to borrow in the future.

We pray you find a way, My Liege.

Your faithful servant,


  1. Bev Barnes commented on your status update.
    Bev wrote: "I agree that the four of them are just plain crazy however they represent republican speak. This is what make's their party. It all about supporting war industry and making profits. So what if our kids our the fodder. All they have to say is its in our national interest to go fight a war and then they walk down that very same road that Bush 1 and Bush 2 did. You can take away the rights of the American people as long as you are in a declared war. Our problem is that we are fight too many of these wars for the business interest in those countries - not that these other nation's have tried to bomb us. We call it preemptive strike. They can make all that is illogical sound good to the sleeping American people. Just listening to them last night made it sound like Obama was the worse thing since Hitler. Nothing to back it up, but great sound bites."

  2. Erik Hoffmann commented on your status update.
    Erik wrote: "I don't think we will do it, but Isreal probably will. I suspect it will happen before the election. I am not advocating it, but I understand Isreal's position on it. I wonder how the rest of the middle east countries feel about a nuclear Iran. I'm with Ron Paul on this."