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Friday, March 2, 2012

Constitution Update: Congress proposes Laws to Restore Due Process

Barry My Liege:

Congress is proposing laws to take away your right to detain citizens without due process.

We need these laws My Liege.

Please, please cooperate with Congress on this.

Details here:

Your faithful servant,

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  1. Thailand constitutional addendum does not touch the constitutional principality

    Thailand thinks fitting be revising the constitution Body Xi Sama said the Commission's 45 members unanimously agreed to scram a written resolution to prevent the Constitution Drafting Body in the course of action of drafting amendments to the Constitution, to decrease the terms of the 2007 copy of the Constitution of the Situation constitutional monarchy.

    Sama said the Committee held its instant congregation, the meeting hopes to make up with a imperfect framework on constitutional amendment. The commission will-power gather again on Walk 8 meeting to fix the parcel of the essential to emend the Constitution.

    Sama said the Commission agreed to set up a written purposefulness, made it unburdened that modifying the 2007 Constitution, the Constitution Drafting Council shall not have to do with on the revision to the terms of the public constitutional royalism, in hierarchy to own those groups and individuals on tenterhooks close by this confidence and satisfaction.

    Thailand color shirt "unit met later on the 2nd Lumpinee Park in Bangkok Prolonged, against the authorities to amend the constitution. The troupe claimed that they opposed any legal provisions afforded to former Prime Minister Thaksin acquittal of some permitted provisions modified; Although the control has promised to amend the constitution resolution not touch the constitutional absolutism, but they drive lull be in deadly embrace to any essay to amend the native constitutional totalitarianism, the position of the judicial provisions.

    The convention of the color shirt army "Lin Thai Agent Prime Envoy extraordinary observed that most people do not accord with the agitate of the order, the control also no extremity to discharge singular attention. He said that, irrespective of their federal leanings, purpose not admit the enforce to adopt intrepid measures against the demonstrators.

    Reconsider Lin said Classless Beanfeast chairlady Abhisit to remain unagitated, saying the Constitution Drafting Committee has not still been established, its establishment and settled the work and then transform recommendations or comments.

    Abhisit had hitherto called on the authorities have need of to unequivocally affirm that the "Constitution Drafting Board up front modifying the 2007 Constitution, requirement be made not touch the country-wide constitutional monocracy, as well as bygone Prime Look after Thaksin amnesty to pave the way for permitted provisions to lower the commitment.

    Reassess Lin also said that he led the conciliation invoice has been completed, but has not yet decided when submitted to the Congress. He said the tab aimed at the Thai group classification is restored to the unfluctuating in the past the 2006 military coup, but he declined to say whether the invoice helps acquittal seeking previous Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

    Thai cupboard convention approved on February 13, Chairman of the Committee to reduce the 2007 variety of section 291 of the Constitution, to wonted up a 99-member Constitution Drafting Body; Thailand February 29th constitutional amendment the Commission elected Sama. (End)

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