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Friday, March 23, 2012

Martial Law Trumps Coup d'Etat

Barry, My Liege :

On January 20 of this year, this space suggested the possiblity that some elements of the government of the United States might initiate a coup d'etat and replace you as the President with some sort of dictatorship.

This suggestion arose from the observation that your administration has continued the enervation of the Constitution begun in earier administrations. Several specific actions as listed on January 19 have been cited as evidence that Constitutional protections for American citizens have been weakened.

To the extent that any such coup is possible, then we can read your declaration of Martial Law of [EXECUTIVE ORDER NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS, March 16] as a precautionary step against such an action : with the martial law powers apparently enumerated in your order, you will have a deterrant against any untoward action.

For that, I, for one, applaud your action.

However, and it is a big however, such an action may suspend the Constitution for the duration of the order.

This is in spite of the statement on March 19 by Mr Carney that the Order is a 'routine piece of business'. I do not see in the Order a specific method of ensuring that Constitutional protections for citizens are enforced ; I do see a detailed system of support for locating and aprehending any citizen who is judged a 'terrorist'. The methods of determining that definition are left unsatisfactorily vague.

Should the Order survive your administration, it is possible that the United States of America permanently will cease as a Constitutional Republic and permanently become a dictatorship.

Please walk carefully in this minefield, My Liege.

Your faithful servant,

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