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HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK - Moves forward to 2125 due to election of US President trump.

Estimate of the time that Humanity will go extinct or civilization will collapse. The HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK moves forward to 2125 due to US President trump's abandonment of climate change goals. Apologies to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for using the name.


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Barack H. Obama. Ph.D. (Economics), Hon.

Barry, My Liege:

Although I do not represent any institution which has been granted degree conferring powers by any accrediting agency, nevertheless and by authority which I wrongfully assume, I hereby award you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Economics with a special emphasis in United States of America Federal Government Fiscal Policy with all the privileges and responsibilities appertaining thereto.

Your dissertation on the Federal Budget and political process as delivered in a public address at the Associated Press luncheon [] was very impressive in demonstrating your thorough grasp of basic economic theory as well as applied Fiscal Policy mechanisms.

This award is made to recognize your considerable accomplishments in applied and theoretical economics. Further, it is hoped that this award will provide you some additional credibility in your forthcoming political debates. Please feel free to mention this award whenever and wherever you so choose.

If you so desire, I will be pleased to present you with a document suitable for framing granting the aforementioned honor. Of course, this is entirely complementary.

Your faithful servant,

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