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Monday, December 31, 2012

Inaugural Speech

Barry, My Liege :

We wish you and yours Hog Manay, a very Happy New Year.

We recognize that it is a promising and simultaneously challenging time for you and for the United States of America and our Economic National Security.

My Liege, as you consider your Inaugural Speech for your second term as well as the verdict of history on your Presidency, we beseech you humbly for a few simple things.

We pray you, My Liege, restore Constitutional processes to your killing programs so that neither you nor your successors can take a life on your sole decision. Then and only then will we be able to consider you as a President of the United States of America instead of the Royal position you have assumed.

Your renditions continue [] and your assault on the Fourth Amendment cooperates with Congress [].

We beseech you to speak the truth about our situation. We know that you cannot right all the wrongs we face, but perhaps by speaking the truth you can establish a direction and a vision for our future that takes us toward our shared ideals.

We pray you address the income and wealth imbalances which afflict us today. They are not sustainable and will destroy our Noble Experiment unless corrected in the near future.

Let us be clear, My Liege, simply raising the marginal tax rate to 39.6% on those who make obscene incomes will not correct the problem. Truly correcting these inequities requires radical restructuring. My Liege, we will be happy if you acknowledge that.

While I can list a number of specific actions which will 'turn the ship around', in your phrase, I have written that list in this space on earlier occasions. See this for details : Saturday, September 22, 2012, Recovery and Restoration of the USA, 2013

We wish you be ambitious, My Liege. We pray you choose Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt as your models.

You will disappoint us severely if you are cautious and ignorant of our true issues, My Liege.

My Liege, we pray you speak to history and act for history in your coming term, for that is what we require as a country.

Your faithful servant,

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