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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas, My Liege

Our very best wishes of the Season to Sasha, Malia, Michelle and you, My Liege.

It is a time to take a respite from the cares of our Nation and enjoy family time.

Those cares will resurface soon enough.

Perhaps the time and distance can give a perspective on your second term.

We here in the real world wish that you will try for greatness, My Liege.

Here is a quote from Deepak Chopra writing about the movie and the man Lincoln during the Civil War:

"The heel of history is hard on their necks. Their passions rise and fall with every turn of the war. Lincoln was different. He understood that he was the still point at the center, the one mind whose clarity and judgment must save the day - or it wouldn't be saved."


We pray you be that 'still point at the center' and save our Nation from its dangers.

For we have no place else to turn and you give us hope that your are up to the task.

Make no mistake, it is a very big task.

Know this, the bolder you move the more will we be with you.

Do not be small, My Liege. It is time to be big.

Your faithful servant,

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