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Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to Socialize Medical Insurance

Hey Barry:

Here's evidence that your Healthcare reform did not go far enough: many of the nation's private practice doctors are going broke, especially in rural areas. Doctors are in debt and leaving their practices to take paying jobs.

Private insurance payments are declining and medicare reimbursements are being reduced.

It unlikely that reasonable standards of medical care can continue without socializing the entire system and eliminating private, for-profit insurance.

Read Parija Kavilanz in CNNMoney here:

It has been said that a wise leader knows when to follow; in this case, it is time to follow reality, Barry.

Otherwise we will become a truly Third World country.

You pal,


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  3. Bev Barnes said
    I just went through an experience with Medicare Part D. I have been taking a drug for about 6 months prior to going on medicare. Now medicare part D insurance wants preauthorization for what i have been taking causing my doctor to hire a full time insurance manager in her office to take care of all the medical insurance claims. The rub on this is as a medicare recipient, I should be able to purchase up to $2900 worth of drugs before the donut hole. I think everyone has that same limit. So why would they cut off my drugs now???