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Friday, February 1, 2013

Climate Change

Barry, My Liege :

Let's look ahead,

"It's gonna be a hot one today.

Only 4.00 AM and it's already pushing 110.

It's January for Chrissakes.

Yesterday the NewsCorpTimesBroadcast said it wouldn't hit 100 today.

Lyin goverment shills.

Top all that, looks like tornado weather out there.

C'mom Ma, we gotta tie it all down again, jes like last week.

Hurry up 'fore it gets too hot to go out.

Or breathe for that matter.

Only good thing about all those poor souls dying from heat is that they don't drink all the water - then we can get some.

Thinkin 'bout water, whas gonna happen with the ocean anyways? Polar caps all gone, all the seashore cities drowned out. Lucky for us we live high up in the hills where it's cool.

Trees round here just about all died, but there's still some animals we can eat. Poor suckers - they don't have enough energy to run away. They just kind of look at you when you come to club 'em to death. Kinda like they're glad for it to be over.

Wait a minnit. That's a stranger out there.

'Move along asshole or I'll blow your brains out. We got nothing for you. Go on, git.'

Starving mother effers, always hanging round the house thinking we got food and water when all we got is dead game and a couple 5 gallon jugs.

Why don't they just up and find some dead animal themselves?

Well, she was pretty far gone - probably won't make it til tomorrow.

Then we'll have to dig a hole and bury her or she'll stink up the whole area while she rots.

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to go on. Maybe it's just better to go to sleep and not wake up.

But, you know what, we humans have been around a long time and just because some idiots 100 years ago back in the 21st century screwed up everything, I am not gonna give them the satisfaction of giving up. Nope. I am gonna fight. Stay alive. That's my goal. Stay alive and show them assholes."

Your faithful servant,

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