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Friday, March 1, 2013

Position Paper - Managing Bright People for Accomplishment

Barry, My Liege :

You will not consider it immodest when this writer offers a methodology for managing very good people as well as choosing the best option among several possible courses of action.

College and university students are bright and ambitious people, as you well know.

In order to challenge the best of students, this writer developed a position paper format over the past 25 years; this format has proven effective as a semester term paper assignment as well as a method for challenging the best and honing the skills of all.

My Liege, you may read an actual sample of this paper format in a paper written by student Min S. Chung in 2010 at this link :

[Copy and paste the link if it loads slowly.]

And, should you require a detailed tutorial in implementing this paper format, it is here :

Your faithful servant prays that you will consider using this tool as a means to manage your office and accomplish even more.

Your faithful servant,

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