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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rape Me, Pay the Price

Barry, My Liege :

As you are aware, the military forces of the United States of America are experiencing a crisis in sexual assault against both men and women.

Stars and Stripes reports here :

This is a National Security problem because of the inevitable backlash.

What I mean is that the victims will soon tire of the perps escaping and take matters into their own hands.

These are soldiers who are trained in the arts and skills of physical assault and killing.

It is not smart to hurt people like that.

This would compromise seriously our fighting effectiveness. If we were to have groups of victims and supporters meting out vigilante justice, our morale would plummet and discipline would suffer.

The only way out is for the brass to grow a pair and provide real consequences for the perps.

It is not a mystery, My Liege.

We pay you assert command.

Your faithful servant,

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