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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UPDATE Egypt Criminalizes Muslim Brotherhood

Barry, My Liege :

Now it is official - Egypt has criminalized the Muslim Brotherhood :

In our world, a constant conflict has existed between the Muslim and Western or Christian worlds for more than 1300 years. Ever since the Roman Empire disintegrated, Middle Eastern people have been expandng their territory wherever possible.

Charles Martel and the Frankish people fought and defeated Islam invaders at The Battle of Tours (October 732) near Poiters in North Central France at a time when the Islamic Caliphate covered much of the known world.

It appears that some of the Islamic peoples want to continue that expansion today. Perhaps some Muslims wish to restore a Caliphate to some portions of today's world.

Your approach, My Liege, has been to suggest that we are 'not at war' with Islam while searching diligently to find spokespeople for the moderate elements of Islam who simply wish to live in peace.

On the other hand, some careful observers argue that elements of Islam are in fact at war with Western Culture in general and with Israel and the United States in particular.

As Americans, we hope that you and your administration pay careful attention to this question as a matter of National Security.

And a part of this question is the idea that some Muslim adherents who wish us harm may very well lie about their intentions, hoping that we will listen to their speeches and ignore their real objectives.

After all, much of Western Society has a limited exposure to or understanding of Muslim philosophy and objectives. If there were a group of people intent upon weakening Western Society from within with the ultimate objective of establishing a caliphate, it would be logical to assume that they would conceal their real objectives in any manner possible.

This is the argument made by Erick Stakelbeck in his new book THE BROTHERHOOD: AMERICA'S NEXT GREAT ENEMY, Regenery Publishing, Washington D. C., 2013.

Mr. Stakelback is both knowledgeable and strident. It does require some patience to read through his political diatribes to the meat of his argument, but it is an effort worth making.

His core argument is that the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] is a Trojan Horse concealing a violent and murderous intent behind a facade of urbanity and democratic rhetoric. Today's situation in Egypt reflects this.

If he is correct in only some of his claims, then it is a matter of National Security to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, as has Russia.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to designate a domestic organization as a terrorist organization. It appears we have no policy or procedure for that.

“The United States does not have a universally accepted process for defining and designating domestic terrorist individuals or groups which [is] shared throughout the law enforcement and homeland security communities,” according to David E. Heller, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Anchorage Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

But, My Liege, before we offer any further support to the MB or its individual spokespeople, we should investigate the motives of the people with whom we work.

Perhaps we could ask for an oath that such a spokesperson renounce the part of jihad which requires murdering civilians, renounce sharia law, swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and, finally, agree to prohibit women from wearing face covering garments in public as the law in France reads today.

Mr. Stackelback provides a list of domestic organizations which are supported by the MB and which work to overthrow our society; here is that list:

1. ISNA - Islamic Society of North America

2. MSA - Muslim Students' Association

3. MCA - The Muslim Communities Association

4. AMSS - The Association of Muslim Social Scientists

5. AMSE - The association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers

6. IMS - Islamic Medical Association

7. ITC - Islamic Teaching Center

8. NAIT - North American Islamic Trust

9. FID - Foundation for International Development

10. IHC - Islamic Housing Cooperative

11. ICD - Islamic Centers Division

12. ATP - American Trust Publications

13. AVC - Audio Visual Center

14. IBS - Islamic Book Service

15. MBA - Muslim Business Association

16. MYNA - Muslim Youth of North America

17. IFC - ISNA FIQH Committee

18. IPAC - ISNA Political Awareness Committee

19. IED - Islamic Education Department

20. MAYA - Muslim Arab Yourh Association

21. MISG - Malasian Islamic Study Group

22. IAP - Islamic Association for Palestine

23. UASR - United Association for Studies and research

24. OLF - Occupied Land Fund

25. MIA - Mercy International Association

26. ISNA - Islamic Circle of North America

27. BMI - Baitul Mal Inc.

28. IIIT - International Institute for Islamic Thought

29. IIC - Islamic Information Center

We pray you protect us from those who wish us harm.

Your faithful servant,

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