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Thursday, January 2, 2014

UPDATE JAN 10 - Radioactive New Year - No Honor Found

Barry, My Liege :

There is much confusion in the world about the radiation from Fukushima.


Although two recent articles claim that there is no PRESENT danger from Fuksuhima radiation in California:



the fact remains that no government agency is considering future developments. At the least, it is the responsibility of the Government of the United States of America to create and publicize a radiation tracking and threat assessment program for radiation. Without a reliable source, we must rely on interweb hyperbole.

After an intense albeit limited search, my conclusion is that there are very few facts available to potential victims.

Since I live directly in the path of the moving radiation from Japan, I am led to use unverified statements and logic to plan future actions for my family.

In Chernobyl, the authorities did not alert the local population for several days. Those who went outside during the intense radiation mostly died within two years or developed severe cancers. Those who did not go outside mostly lived with no ill effects.

Sometime later, the military enforced an evacuation at gunpoint in selected areas. After the evacuation, there was looting, rioting and murder.

Ukrainian authorities acted without honor toward their population.

Tracking the movement of radiation is a confusing enterprise. First, there is not a standard method of measuring the amount of radiation or the level of harmful radiation.

Some instruments use CPM measurements which count the raw number of events of radiation per minute. A higher CPM indicates more radiation. A CPM of below 100 seems to indicate a background level of radiation - that is to say, 'just normal and no ill effects'.

Other instruments measure the amount of milli sieverts per hour of radiation. A level of 0.10 to 1.00 is considered normal as above.

The Fukushima event has released radiation both into the sea water and the air. Sea water radiation is the probable cause of highly unusual fish and sea mammal behavior in recent days. A United States Naval Vessel, the Ronald Reagan, has seen highly unusual events of cancers in its crew; the probable cause is the use of radioactive filtered seawater for cooking and bathing on the ship during its cruise to the Sea of Japan.

The radiation plume has moved from Japan to the Coast of California. Additional radiation is being released into the ocean daily.

Recently, clouds of steam were seen over the Fukushima site; the probable cause is additional meltdowns of nuclear material as the cooling systems continue failing.

These events have released additional radiation into the atmosphere. This additional radiation is moving toward California. Japanese authorities are incapable of controlling the site and are acting without honor toward their population.

Reports on this were obtained from a website wherein the former owner is serving a prison term for threatening federal judges about an unrelated ruling on handgun possession.

It is difficult to track the progress of this radioactive cloud since the Government of the United States of America has chosen to ignore the question.

An honorable government would track such an event similar to the method in which they track hurricanes.

This government is acting without honor toward the citizens of the West Coast of the United states of America.

Now, in order to survive in a confusing situation, I have taken a few steps.

Our household owns a geiger counter which measures in milli sieverts per hour. We measure at least once per day. So far, the levels have not approached 1.00.

We also own two rolls of plastic sheeting and several rolls of duct tape which can be used to seal windows, doors and electrical outlets when the radiation passes 1.00 milli sieverts.

I will order two face masks with the ability to protect against radiation inhalation. I have ordered a bottle of potassium iodide pills; they are supposed to prevent the absorption of radioactivity into the thyroid gland. That should reduce the likelihood of thyroid cancer. Unofficial reports are that the United States Government has recently ordered millions of these tablets.

Our house has iron bars on the windows and doors. My shotgun is loaded and in easy reach. In my city, celebratory gunfire for New Year’s Eve was mostly from automatic weapons.

We track radiation movements daily using two websites. One website [] records unadjusted geiger counter readings from several locations every five minutes on a map. It records raw CPM readings.

A second website [] tracks radiation in some manner which I have not yet deciphered. But, it does have a news stream with relevant articles.

We are actively considering some unannounced visits to relatives in areas far from the ocean if the readings exceed the danger levels.

Happy New year, My Liege.

Your faithful servant,

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  1. IAEA agrees with TEPCO to hide data from populations.

    No Honor anywhere.