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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Conservative Reactions To Picketty

Barry, My Liege :

Some earnest commentators have wondered why it is that few if any conservative writers have reacted to and tried to refute Thomas Picketty's masterful book CAPITAL IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY.

The lack of concern from the political right is easy to understand.

In the book, Picketty presents a convincing case that capital tends to accumulate into ever larger masses unless it is prevented from doing so, thus reducing equality world wide. Such a world naturally tends toward extreme inequality and reduced social justice.

Conservative writers' reactions, if there are any, will be first of all to ignore the thesis since many conservative writers have demonstrated a disregard of facts over many years and in many forums. Many conservative writers are more concerned with the 'correct' opinion and tend to ignore 'facts' or any 'reality' which disagrees with correct opinions.

Secondly, conservative opinion, if I understand it correctly, will be unconcerned with any inequality resulting from capital accumulations. Any such accumulations will likely be perceived as the 'natural order of things' which does not require any action or comment. It is the way things are 'supposed' to be.

Inequality is, after all, the source of wealth creation and all things good. A misplaced concern with 'equality' is a sure sign of liberal, nay socialist, tendencies and goes against the American grain.

Thus, we can expect few, if any, conservative arguments against Picketty's thesis and factual presentation.

Your faithful servant,

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