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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saving Our Species

Barry, My Liege:

The climate is changing. Future changes will be hard on mankind. People will die.

Here is a link to the EPA climate projections:

Sadly, My Liege, our current systems of economics and politics are based on short term profits instead of our collective welfare.

As an example, read about the imposition and subsequent repeal of a carbon tax in Australia here:

Without fundamental changes in our profit driven systems, it is possible that the Earth will cease supporting human life in the forseeable future, perhaps in the lifetimes of our great grandchildren.

Geologic history shows many worldwide species die-offs due to extreme droughts and other natural disasters.

We can hope that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will realize collectively that saving the human species requires changing our systems fundamentally in order to act collectively instead of selfishly.

If not, then your grandchildren and great grandchildren will need to cooperate with all humanity to colonize other planets.

There will be hard choices as we move to species preservation and away from indivdual wealth concentration.

Gratitude to Neil deGrasse Tyson for raising the question in Cosmos, Episode 11.

Now is the time to find and support the best and brightest minds in a quest to design system changes and also to design a colonization effort as a fail safe if our systems resist change.

My Liege, I do not suggest a government agency to hire people, but rather a dialog from your office about the possibilities looming in our collective futures. Such a dialog may encourage some brilliant minds to address our species-wide issues.

Today, we do not know the shape or direction of the changes we will make in 50 to 100 years, but we can and should encourage discussions about the challenges we face.

Your faithful servant,

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