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Friday, August 22, 2014

UPDATE - ISIL - Kill 'Em All

Barry, My Liege :

New thoughts.

Some Brits and Yanks may die when we target ISIL. Shed no tears - they lose their privileges when they declare war on their country and innocent civilians and behead American journalists.

Targeting ISIL in Syria may help Assad - So what? Primary target is ISIL, temporary gains for Assad can't be helped. Don't give any safe havens.

While your remarks on ISIL [] were heartfelt, Americans are reluctant to enter another war.

Rightfully so.

And yet, ISIL cannot continue its rampage of torture, slavery and mass killings.

It may not be a permanent solution, My Liege, but we seem to have the power to render them into the stone age.

We should do that.

Let's bomb every thing with wheels located in ISIL controlled areas.

Iraq? Yes.

Syria? Hell yes.

We can do it without American troops on the ground by ramping up the drone and airstrike campaigns.

Secure agreements and cooperation from both the EU and neighboring countries, then proceed to bomb them widely and thoroughly. Don't forget Shoulder mounted missiles as well.

They will be less a threat when they have only AK 47's and sniper rifles. Then we can rely on Kurds and Iraqis for ground troops.

The ISIL rampage has taken a year off the HUMANITY DOOMSDAY CLOCK.

It is time to get serious.

Your faithful servant,

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