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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Obama Legacy - Climate Change

Barry, My Liege :

In your Fourth Quarter as President of the United States of America [POTUS], you will be unable to implement substantial legislative changes due to a Republican controlled Congress.

And yet, humanity faces severe dangers from increased global warming. The IPCC 2014 Summary for Policymakers [available here :] details many of the harms we will face.

My Liege, it is your opportunity to create and propose legislation which would, if implemented, stop climate change. Perhaps you and your associates can describe exactly what humanity must accomplish in order to prevent our mutual extinction.

We recognize the reality that such legislation will not be adopted now.

Events will become worse over the years.

Our expectation is that future conditions may force policy makers to consider actions unthinkable now.

To be successful in the future, your proposals will have to be extreme and not incremental. They will also have to be procedurally correct; that is to say, the legislation should be thoroughy developed so that when it is enacted, it will accomplish its goals.

You will be giving a helping hand to our grandchildren by providing specific and effective policies to save our species.

It is a worthy endeavor, My Liege.

Your faithful servant,

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