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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

UPDATE, CHRIS ROCK VIDEO - All the Black Mama's Talkin

Barry, My Liege :

This is a suggestion for the African American Community.

It's the 'talk' that mothers can give their sons about what to do when stopped by Police.

I hope it will be taken in a spirit of love.

'Lookit you, boy. You is jes bout all grown. My Lord. I'm real proud of you son and don you forget it neither.

But, you know, there's sumthin we gotta talk about.

Now you know that there are some white folks out there who hate us just because we black. Now there ain't nothing we can do about that. They just gonna hate. When you meet one, just be polite and go about your business. But, don't do nothing stupid, don't do nothing stupid.

But son, I wanna talk about Police now. Boy, you is gonna be stopped and talked to by Police. A lot. That's just the way it is.

Now, it don't matter why they talk to you, it's just gonna happen.

The thing you gotta remember is that Police don't know your mind. All they know is your actions. Police don't read minds and they all packin. Police just like walking bombs ready to go off.

And remember, you don't know squat about Police mind. Maybe they are looking for someone who looks just like you and who just shot a store owner.

You gotta remember that they under pressure, so don't be stupid. Don't go givin them a reason to shoot, 'cause they will.

Now if you go and do some stupid crap that hurts somebody, like stealin and crashin a car, well Police gonna catch up with you. They gonna be pissed. When they catch you, they probably gonna hit you some. And, you know what, you probably deserve it for doing the stupid.

But, they won't kill you for that. You want to be killed for stupid stuff, go and hang around with the drug gangs. They shoot you for any old reason. Police are better than that.

There some trash talk out there that white Police kill black kids because the kid is black.

Well, that's just plain wrong.

Police kill anyone who makes them fear for their own life. If you make a Police afraid of you, he gonna kill you.

That's his job. Police job is to stop any folks who make them fear for their life.

And, it don't matter you black, white, yellow, brown or red. If Police are afraid of you they gonna shoot you.

Ain't got nothing to do with color, it's only about fear.

And, if Police afraid of you, they ain't gonna ask a buncha questions. It's gonna be 'FREEZE' or some such. And if you don't, they gonna shoot.

Police don't know your mind, only what you do.

So, don't do playing around, acting the fool while you don't mean no harm. How Police gonna know you foolin? They don't and you'll end up dead.

UPDATE: Just in case what I'm saying don't make no sense, watch this funny as hell video from Chris Rock:

Come back to me every day, Son. I don't know what I'll do without you.

Your faithful servant

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