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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hit the Ground Running

Hillary, My Liege

It seems likely that you and the Democrats will win the Presidential election and a majority in both Houses of Congress in the coming elections.

But, My Liege, do not take this as a personal compliment if it actually occurs.

As confirmed by the British vote supporting Brexit, there is a profound malaise among the world's population and American voters as well.

The malaise reflects the growing realization that Governments and other systems are rigged in favor of the accumulation of money and power by a few among us. And, our further realization is that the few who benefit from the system have no intention of ameliorating its pernicious effects on the rest of us despite clear and incontrovertible evidence that the few would gain even more if the rest of us could gain the smallest relief.

In practical terms, it will mean you will have two years to accomplish your agenda since it is likely that voters will tire of your failure to correct quickly the many problems facing average people. Thus, the Democratic majority in either or both Houses will be overturned in two years.

Hillary, My Liege, I am sure you recognize the limitations of a President's powers to change daily reality for the population as well as anyone. The foregoing implies that you will have a two year window to set your programs in motion since you will lose your Congressional advantages at that time.

So, My Liege, be well prepared and resolute in your first two years; set in motion all your ambitions during that time.

We wish you well, My Liege.

Your faithful servant

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