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Friday, February 7, 2020



The Constitution of the United States of America was written by men who lived under a tyranny and knew it intimately. They designed the Constitution as an experimental, new way to prevent any person from becoming a tyrant.

The essential element of the Constitution which attempts to control nascent tyrants is that no person is immune from the law. Even though the office of President was granted large power and discretion, illegal acts by the sitting President are subject to review by Congress and by an impeachment trial if the House thinks it appropriate.

Now, in 2020, the Constitution is under attack from outside tyrants including Vladimir Putin who wish to weaken or destroy the mechanisms in the Constitution which prevent tyrants from taking power.

For the first time since its adoption on June 21, 1788, several native born American citizens are supporting those destructive efforts with the powers at their disposal. These American citizens create and maintain the WALL OF SHAME in order to shield trump from accountability for his crimes.  

The phrase ‘Wall of Shame’ was coined by West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt to refer to the physical wall that kept East Germans from traveling to West Berlin. The phrase has been used several times since, mostly to refer to actual physical walls. []

The WALL OF SHAME referred to here is neither a physical wall nor brick and mortar nor reinforced concrete; it is much stronger than that.

America’s WALL OF SHAME is forged in the minds of the men who serve trump from their raw emotions of fear, greed and anger. This WALL enables a corrupt administration to hide behind it and to perform crimes and outrages with no fear of punishment.

America’s WALL OF SHAME allows illegal acts to flourish with no oversight – exactly the malaise the Constitution was designed to prevent. They are free to openly flout the Rule of Law and to punish critics like Alexander Vindman and Marie Yovanovitch, steal from the public Treasury, appoint relatives with no experience into positions of trust and authority, overturn military trials and generally use the powers of the United States to further their personal interests at the expanse of the Public Interest.

Here is a partial list of the men and their offices who build and maintain America’s WALL OF SHAME

1.      Criminal businessman and criminally corrupt and impeached office holder, Donald John Trump.

2.      KGB assassin and President of Russia, Vladimir Putin []

3.      The Republican United States Senators who blocked evidence and witnesses during trump’s Impeachment Trial and then voted him acquitted after hearing no testimony nor seeing any documents. []

4.      Attorney General William Barr who sequestered the Mueller report and denied its conclusions while preventing its public examination and then issued an order forbidding any DOJ investigations of political campaigns unless approved by him, effectively allowing further foreign interference in American elections. []

5.      McConnell, Mitch, U. S. Senator, Senate Majority Leader - Vows to block any expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to US citizens, submitted by  Bob Fisher April 11, 2019.’Mitch McConnell let slip the GOP's true health care agenda on Fox News today: "Medicare for all? Not as long as I'm majority leader. It ought to be called Medicare for none." MEDICARE FOR NONE... Fox even slapped Mitch's new slogan onto the Fox News chyron. This photo should be following the GOP around for the next couple of years.

6.      Steven Miller, White nationalist, Imigration adviser to trump, architect of cruel and deadly United States Immigration Policies. []

7.      Pat Cippilone, trump attorney who was present at meeting when trump told Bolton to pressure Ukraine for Biden investigation, then denies there was any pressure in Senate trial. An ethics violation and may be a crime. []

8.      Jay Sekulow, trump attorney who is paid millions from Charity ACLJ. A half dozen lawyers employed by the non-profit ACLJ are named in recent Senate legal briefs as members of Trump’s defense team — including one of Sekulow’s sons. The ACLJ, as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, is barred under IRS rules from engaging in partisan political activities. []

9.      Accused Criminal Rudy Giuliani, trump attorney and political errand boy. []

Paul, Rand, United States Senator, criminally identifies whistleblower in public, thereby making it less likely that others will come forward and perhaps encouraging cowards to kill the person identified. []
Len Blavatnik: 'Aside from the large sums of campaign cash doled out to leading Republicans, Blavatnik has largely been considered problematic by the media and Beltway establishment because of his documented ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russian leader’s inner circle.' Now he is funding Buttigieg according to []

The list of WALL builders can go on and readers are invited to suggest additional candidates via the comments section below.

The cumulative effect of this WALL is to damage and possibly destroy the legal foundation of the United States of America. This site will gather published articles and statements from first hand participants as a compilation of previously published or disclosed statements which discuss the actors and actions which subvert the Constitution. It will attempt to describe actions which have the effect of undermining the Constitution. Actions which weaken the rule of law will be discussed whether they result of the action is a personal gain for an individual or a broader harm to the rule of law.

While some of the actions may be determined by others to be criminal, this site makes no such determination. If there is a criminal action discussed here, the site will rely on law enforcement to bring any criminal charges. This site does not make any new accusations nor does it endorse or validate in any way the nature of the accusations discussed here.

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