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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Biden Dirty Trick Bureau

The campaign will be dirty. Putin, the Cock Brothers and the rest are desperate. 

A campaign of creating unity among all Americans is a great idea, but Joe also needs a two-prong defense against the attacks, which will come.

Expect a swift boat type attack or Comey style statement - some one or several claims close to the election which inflame emotions.

First step: Immediate categorical denial, followed by the Reagan masterful line: 'There he goes [or they go] again' which Joe delivers with a little grin. That phrase and the grin serve to trivialize the attack. 

In 24 hours or sooner, a press release with a detailed, thorough and accurate statement is issued debunking the claim. Object of lengthy detail is to overwhelm the press with too much information so they will drop the story. A plain denial with no exhaustive detailed recitation of facts will keep the story alive.

And, create an archive of 45's indiscretions with [ideally] video of the injured party in each and every event combined with thorough detailed discussion of the entire story. The object of the detail is exhaustive detailed recitation of facts to overwhelm any counter claims. 

45 has injured so many people the stories need to be grouped into categories, i.e., criminal fraud, rape, pedophilia, failure to honor contracts, etc., etc.

Then Joe has a library of 'what about' style things to distribute in order to deflect the conversation.

It is what 45 does all the time: "What about immigration/', or' What about Obama?'

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