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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Greed Kills. Punish Greed.

Greed Kills.

The current pandemic of Covid 19 demonstrates the failure of the United States 'free market' based capitalism.  The system is based on the premise that when people are allowed to accumulate as much wealth and capital as possible, the system will provide for everybody.

It does not work.

Wealth concentrations have prevented our society from taking care of the poor and marginalized. If you have any doubts, walk among the homeless in any city or go to the unemployment insurance office.

Our future will depend on how well we as a nation address the stark inequalities we tolerate now.

Punish greed.

At the least, the greed which harms our people should be punished. The material accumulations which exist today must be eliminated to ensure our people will live. If we do not eliminate those accumulations, our people will die, or they will demand a strong leader to correct the imbalances. Such a course risks the personal freedoms we enjoy today. 

Allow the greedy an amount of capital that will ensure them a moderate life - say $100 million per family - then take the rest. Confiscate the money, tax it, wipe out the bank accounts, put it in trucks and drive away.

Only then can we focus on protecting all Americans.

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