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Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Essential American Idea

The Founders wrote the Constitution to ensure that no tyrant could rule the country - that any unlawful actions he might take are checked by the will of the people.

In America, sovereignty resides with the will of the People and not with God or with force. 

In practice, this means that we are ruled by laws. Our laws are created with the consent of the people expressed through their elected representatives. 

Today, several trends supported by our enemies are working to destroy the implementation of the will of the people and the rule of law.

In order for the will of the people to be effective, the people rely on facts about governmental actions. In order to learn the facts, we rely on a Free Press to tell us the truth. 

Now, some brainwashed politicians in service to Russian propaganda are systematically attacking the very ideas of a fact and of the Free Press. If many people believe that the Free Press is lying or creating 'fake news' then they will be unable to check any illegal actions taken by a tyrant. 

Alternate media reports opinions and rumors as facts and contributes to the erosion of belief in real, verified facts. Mainstream media makes sincere efforts to verify any fact before they publish it. We need the Mainstream Media to give us the facts. 

We hope that the alternate media attempts to erode trust in any facts will be ignored. That alternate media supports fear, racism, cynicism and mistrust of our institutions in service of Russian propaganda. 

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