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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Obama should begin talking with Putin and Medvedev now.

Putin has promised, according to an article by Vladimir Socor, that there will be more problems.


Cheney and McCain are sure to make the situation in Europe worse.

What will Obama do?

Let's see a coherent Europe policy that leaves Russia baiting out, focuses on diplomacy and avoids war.

Obama's statement:
Statement from Senator Obama on Russia's Decision
to Recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as Independent States
August 26, 2008

Chicago, IL -- "I condemn Russia's decision to
recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as
independent states and call upon all countries of
the world not to accord any legitimacy to this action.

"The United States should call for a meeting of
the United Nations Security Council to condemn
Russia's decision in coordination with our
European allies. The U.S. should lead within the
UN and other international forums to cast a clear
and unrelenting light on the decision, and to
further isolate Russia internationally because of
its actions. The OSCE must also send a serious monitoring group to Georgia.

"Georgia's economic recovery is an urgent
strategic priority that demands the focused
attention of the United States and our allies.
That is why Senator Biden and I have called for
$1 billion in reconstruction assistance to help
the people of Georgia in this time of great
trial. I also welcome NATO's decision to
establish a NATO-Georgia Commission and applaud
the new French and German initiatives to continue
work on these issues within the EU. The Bush
Administration should call for a US-EU-Georgia
summit in September that focuses on strategies
for preserving Georgia's territorial integrity
and advancing its economic recovery.

"Russia's government must respect the territorial
integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and other
independent states. Its refusal to do so calls
into question its commitment to the
responsibilities of membership to organizations
such as the OCSE and the Russia-NATO Council, its
application to join the WTO and the OECD, and
makes it impossible for Congress to enact the
civil nuclear agreement. If Russia's government
continues to violate the norms and practices of
the international community, the United States
and our allies must review all aspects of relations with Russia.

"Let us be clear, no one wants to see another
Cold War with Russia. The United States and
Russia have many mutual interests, and Russia has
the potential to become a critical stakeholder in
the international system. But Russia's recent
choices --not American or European decisions --
are threatening this potential and reminding us
all that peace and security in Europe cannot be
taken for granted," said Senator Barack Obama.


'I have talked about this more than once. We will be ready to work with any American administration that the American people choose. We believe that the most important thing is that the new leaders of the US be guided by the real interests of the American people rather some farfetched ideological scheme. And if this does indeed happen, then I am sure that we will be in a position to reach an agreement on the very widest range of issues. We want to avoid any controversies and we would like to avoid a new edition of the Cold War. We would like to have full-value constructive relationships with our western partners including with the US. But to do so we need a dose of pragmatism and mutual respect.....

As to the missile defense problem, of course we
do not like to see new missile bases and radar
stations being built along our borders. We have
repeatedly stated our displeasure on this
account. But nevertheless, we never interrupted
the negotiating process, we are ready to continue
exchanges on this difficult problem. The issue is
the explanation that was given to us when we
asked why such bases are needed, why these radar
stations and missile bases are being built. They
told us they are designed to confront the threat
posed by rogue states, but than you have to prove
that. Meanwhile, our perception is that all these
weapon systems are being created around our
borders to put further pressure on Russia. We
don?t like this but nevertheless we are quietly
and constructively engaging in dialogue on this topic.'

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