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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swagger, Democrats

We are leading and we will win.

We are kicking ass and taking names.

Many Democrats are women who have been scorned by Republicans.

We have long memories.

We are coming for you, IF:

You are Enron and laughed about stealing from little old ladies by manipulating the energy markets. Where is Ken Lay now?

You are oil company directors who bribe congressmen and candidates for tax breaks, then use the money to buy back stock instead of investing in energy alternatives.

You are doctors who scam Medicare for profit.

You are investment bankers who packaged bad loans with good loans and lied about it, thus killing the mortgage market and creating a housing depression.

You are an industrial polluter who relies on Bush appointees and other crooked administrators to look the other way when you break the law.

You are members of Congress who sent our troops in harm's way with inadequate equipment.

You torture or approve torture including waterboarding in the name of the United States of America.

You falsify or distort election returns.

You are anyone who pillages our grandchildren's future for personal profit.

If you recognize yourself above, it is time to get religion or get out.

Bush will be there until January, then we will be looking for change.

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  1. Obama, Barack Obama, is a Clear and Present Danger. He is in the news you know. Swagger Democrats go here for news: