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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meg Whitman - Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 3

Hi Meg:

This is for you. Seems I gotta write to y'all since y'all won talk ta any real folks. I be happy ta talk with y'all anytime and anyplace in public an on the record. Y'all is tryin to buy my state and I aint happy bout it.

Ima fourth generation Californian an y'all be very bad for our state. Please give up now an save yo money. Go run for President of Haiti where dey needs yo money for da campaign jobs. Save us here da grief.

Read my Billionaires Givin Back down below here - y'all git the idea.

Ima happy for y'all dat ya gotta lot of cash. But dat don mean that ya knows any ting worth knowin.

Here's my tax plan fo y'all: put an estate tax on ya now, leave y'all wid a lot of money, say ten mill or so. Tax da rest and put it inta the California budget.

Das the best y'all kin do for us.

We need lotta jobs an your job creation plan is standard Rep BS; it aint gonna work, an here's why:

From your web: "Meg will create 2 million new private-sector jobs by 2015...offer job-creating tax cuts to put Californians back to work"

Yo is jes flat wrong. Ifn y'all cuts taxes on bidness the owners gonna buy a yacht or buy a Swiss villa wid the extra cash - they aint gonna hire sumbuddy jest cause they gots mo money. Bidness hires people when the bidness is sellin lotta stuff and the people thay have caint handle the bidness.

Yo plan will KILL jobs in California.

Here how to git jobs in California: tax 90% of all incomes over one mill per year, tax all estates over ten mill an put the cash inta the budget for schools and poor folks.

Then let unions organize for higher wages, put a tariff on imports and get da bidness community to xpand now.

Dey will xpand when dey knows the folks like me is gonna have mo money ta spend and when they knows that Chinese crap will cost the same as our crap.

Dat da way to get jobs here.

Itsa bad thang when y'all got so much money that yo descendents to lebenty seven generation will never have to work. Thas a Royalty and that aint Amercian.

Be an American Meg - do da right thang.

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