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Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Rich Folks Bad - Part 1

Hey Barry:

So, Ima sayin that rich folks is a problem for the good ol U S of A.

Don mean that I wanna off 'em - I aint no Mao Tse Tung.

But, when sumbuddy gets too much money, they hire all these folks ta keep them rich. Its wot I'd do ifn I get rich. An, cuz they rich, they get real good people to help them stay rich.

An part of what those people do is to work on laws to help the rich families stay rich. An, since aint nobody payin folks to keep them from stealin from me, they gonna steal from me.

Here's xample from the water wars in California:

Jes nuther case of rich stealin from poor folks.

So Barry, y'all gonna ask why the govment caint take care da problem.

Well Barry, the govment aint gonna take care the problem cuz the rich folks gonna buy the govment. Duh.

Seems that big fortunes jes keep gettin bigger - even after the riginal founder is long dead. Them people he hired are real good an they keep the fortune growin even tho the founder in da ground.

An that's an effin royalty, Barry. It aint the American way. If I gotta live in a kingdom, think I'll move to Europe where at least they got some castles to look at.

So Barry - where are y'all on this anyways?

Your pal,

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