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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UPDATE 3.19.11: War for Benghazi

Hey Barry:

Today, 3.19.11 French government claims its planes are preventing Gadafi's planes from attacking Benghazi while Gadafi's mercenaries try to enter the city.

Yesterday, 3.17.11, the UN authorized a no fly zone and the government of Libya announced a cease fire.

Good news.

My heart is heavy reading news from Benghazi []. I have seen photos of a young man with his brains blown out of his skull by a .50 sniper rifle and of another with his thigh bone sticking our from his crossed legs where he was tortured before he was killed.

And now the Saudis are sending troops to Bahrain to 'control' the protestors. Saif Gadafi calls rebels 'rats and cats we will hunt down.'

Yes it is an old story, but sometimes it seems that evil is winning.

I know the USA cannot enter the battle with guns blazing. But, let us at least grieve for the hope that is dying today; and then let us give what support we can to the young people who want to feed their families and live in peace.

Your pal,

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