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Monday, March 21, 2011

Benghazi Free State

Hey Barry:

Been thinking about Libya. Here's my question: What's next?

Of course the best option is that Gadafi leaves the country - doesn't matter if he leaves on his feet or in a body bag - but that is not guaranteed.

We are locked into this one, Barry, we and our allies can't walk away until he is gone. It may take some time, but we have to stay the course. If we quit before he is gone, the future will be like the past - evil and miserable.

If he manages to stay around our second choice is to march in with guns blazing. Then, there we are in three wars. Itsa a bad idea, Barry, which I think you already know.

Third choice is that he holds on while we bleed money from him and fund a civil war. That's more likely, but lots of people will die.

Here's a twist on the third option - maybe it can speed up Gadafi's inevitable demise.

Let's create the Benghazi Free State. It's goal is to speed up Gadafi's demise by taking his people and his money. After that job is done, then the Free State can be absorbed back into Libya.

Here's how we can do it:

1. Establish refugee camps inside the Free State that offer shelter to anyone who comes in voluntarily from Libya. The attraction is food, shelter, Western style medical care and safety from retribution.

2. With force or bribery, take over the oil fields in the eastern part of the country. Then, sell the oil from Benghazi terminals. It won't even matter if some of the oil is 'donated' to the Free State from Libya. Even if some of the oil is bought by the Free State, the sellers have probably stolen it from the Libyan government and the money will not go to Gadafi.

After awhile most of the population will either be in the Free state or want to be there.

Your pal,

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