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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UPDATE 4.20.11 - Even FOX News Favors Taxing Rich ! !

Holy Cow, Barry;

Even FOX NEWS is calling for more taxes on the RICH in addition to spending cuts.

Truly, pigs are flying.


Caught you on video about deficit reduction in the next few years.

It is all good and we need it as a country. You totally caught our spirit and social compact.

Wait for it: Here comes the the 'but', Barry.

To get it done you'll have to face down some world class whiners and crooks.

It's another defining moment. It will take some serious chops.

There are some doubts about it Barry, I can't lie.

The question is: can you stop the crooked money machine?

The jury is out on it.

We are all rooting for you and we want to help.

We'll be happy to propagandize all over hell's half acre, if that will help. Or, we will shut up and let you work mysterious back room magic.

Pretty sure this is the last chance we have to keep the dream alive.

No pressure, Barry.

Your pal,

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