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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Selling Obama

Hey Barry:

Seems that a few of the opinion polls on your re-election campaign tell us that most voters agree with your positions on the big issues - tax the rich, save Social Security and medicare, and so on - but that you get a low rating.

Does not make sense, Barry, but facts is facts.

Well, public opinion manipulation is not my thing, but maybe a lesson from advertising can help a little. Just a thought. Course the idea is 'bleedin' obvious.

You are a commodity Barry: you're way past being Barack Obama. Now we all think that you are going to save or mess up my personal financial future, keep us out of wars and fix my breakfast just right.

Itsa big job.

But we're all glad that you want it for another term.

Why not borrow an idea from product marketing - product differentiation. And, as a bonus, you can throw in a little fear. Seems that conservative brains are hard wired to respond to fear, so why nor use that? Here's a link to read about it: for April 20, 2011

Of course you are doing a lot of this now and it is a good idea. I am just suggesting you keep it up until voters associate you personally with the policies they like.

For example, say this: 'Here's what I'll do as your President: I'll save Medicare just as it is. But if the Republicans get into power, they will kill Medicare. They will force old people to buy private insurance with their own money.

As your President, I'll save Social Security for you and your grandchildren. But if the Republicans have control they will privatize Social Security and give all the money to Wall Street bankers. Old people will be homeless and begging on the street, just like in the 1930's.' [Never mind that it is already happening today. I just gave an old white guy $20 because he said it was his 70th birthday and he wanted to rent a hotel room for the night. Mebbe it was a scam, but he got to me.]

'As your President I'll tax the rich folks and balance the budget. But if the Republicans get into power they will give tax breaks to billionaires and force retired people to pay more for health insurance.'

We're with you Barry. I can't attend a $10,000 fund raiser, but I'll do what I can.

Your pal,

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