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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where are we going?

Hey Barry:

The OWS guys have shown us that we are at a tipping point, maybe we're even way beyond the point.

Unless we completely and dramatically overhaul our economic structure, we face a declining future.

And, you know what Barry, I don't think we have the balls to make those changes.

The big money bastards just have too much power and are just too greedy for any real changes to happen.

I'd like to be more optimistic Barry, I really would. But, I just don't see any good news out there.

The changes we need are so drastic, will damage the selfish interests of so many really rich people and our system is so corrupted by money that I'm afraid real changes are dead in the water.

Y'all can see the changes I am talking about here:

So, if we can't make the changes, what's that future look like for the good ol U S of A?

And, yes I know that predicting the future is dicy at best. But, the military does it all the time as contingency plans. Bout time a civvy did it.

There are a few possibilities and Barry, none of them is any good.

Future Number 1: We continue on the present path with a declining middle class and an increasing lower class; that will include expanding the social misery that created the New Deal: homeless, no medical care, elderly begging and dying in the streets, rampant gangs, no safety found in public or private places, etc., etc.

The big money bastards build huge compounds with elaborate security because they are afraid of poor people.

In other words - we become the Third World.

Future Number 2: The OWS guys lose their patience, attract vast numbers of desperately poor people and increase violence. This prompts a militaristic reaction and we degenerate into a Syrian scenario with troops shooting and killing Americans in the streets. The only good news here is that such a reality will be a prelude to a real revolution.

Future Number 3: Superman swoops down and confiscates all the big fortunes and installs the sweeping structural changes we really need.


Future Number 4: The US military loses patience with the social misery and lawlessness and installs a military dictatorship.

I don't think this is likely because our military are mostly professional people who do not also own monopolies in essential services that would be jeopardized by lawlessness. That is the situation in Egypt where the military does not want to lose control.

I'd really like to be more optimistic Barry.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Your pal,

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