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Monday, April 9, 2012

Economics of Love - Some Questions

Barry, My Liege:

Naturally, there are some questions about the effectiveness of helping the economically excluded by using donations of time and material that was suggested in the Economics of Love.

Question [Q]: This idea is already happening with doctors and attorneys among others donating volunteer time to treat unfortunate people. So, what is new about your Economics of Love?

Answer[A]: Yes, it is happening. But it is considered an aberration in a profit driven system. My Economics of Love provides a coherent theoretical framework with costs and incentives delineated. This approach will help legitimize volunteerism and perhaps help more people as a result.

Q: Can such a system replace a market driven economy entirely?

A: No it cannot. The Economics of Love is an adjunct to a market system, not a replacement for it.

Q: Since current tax codes do not allow professionals a tax deduction from any time donated, is the idea dead in the water?

A: You're right about US tax codes, but similar programs are already occurring in many places under current tax codes. Some professionals donate time regularly for volunteer activities although they receive no tax deduction for doing so.

Q: Are you advocating that socialism or communism should replace free market capitalism?

A: The profit driven, capitalistic system clearly does not work in all areas of society. A free market society such as the United States has more than enough room for various economic models. I am advocating what may work in an area where the capitalistic system has failed - without reference to labels. The market system will remain as it is.

Q: How can you prevent high income people from gaming your system and obtaining free services which are designed for the excluded?

A: The patient intake system will require a summary of the patient’s economic status together with a signed statement that the patient has no other recourse. Of course, some people will lie; but, the number will be small.

Q: Some patients will require more complete and urgent care than any free clinic can offer - what will happen to them?

A: They will be referred to and transported to the nearest emergency room.

Q: How do you know it will work?

A: I don't. But, as someone once said: 'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness'. Our current system does not work.

Q: What do you get out of it?

A: Hahahaha. I expect to get rich!

Sorry, but that is a stupid question. Next.

Q: What if someone does get rich with your system?

A: It's hard to get rich by giving things away, but if someone can do it, then great for them.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

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