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Monday, April 16, 2012

Succeed by Fixing Obvious Problems

Barry, My Liege

One of the world's most popular politicians is Brazil's former President Lula [Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva].

He is popular because Brazil is enjoying economic growth and a rising middle class which are results of the policies and programs he created.

When asked how could a man of such humble origins be so successful, he replied to the effect that he just did the obvious things that everyone knew needed doing. He also suggested that others did not fix those things because of economic interests [read 'greed'] or myopia.

Barry, My Liege, there are many obvious thing that need fixing in the United States of America ; but, economic interests interfere with any changes. If you gain a legislative majority, we pray you will fix our obvious problems.

Here is a preliminary list of obvious problems caused by government policies :

1. Wealth and income inequality - cure it by installing an estate tax that prevents huge fortunes from passing through generations and cure income inequality with a radically progressive income tax system.

2. Union Busting - cure it with better laws allowing unions to organize and better prosecutions of companies which break laws against interfering with unions.

3. Monopolies - they are bad for the country ; install effective anti-monopoly legislation and pursue violators aggressively. Also, make some industries into public utilities.

4. Political corruption - change campaign finance laws and enforce the new laws aggressively.

5. Banks - restore Glass-Steagall ; that will solve the problem - nothing else will solve it.

6. Political inaction - keep Social Security and Medicare effective by solving political gridlock with a legislative majority.

7. Security establishment - they are a problem because they trample our Constitution ; rein them in.

8. Trade Deficits - we cannot survive with huge trade deficits ; please fix them.

Barry, My Liege, as you have said, the country has one more chance to change its course of action and return to the path laid out by the Founders.

We all know that. From the Tea Party to the Progressive Caucus, we all get it.

Only the Kock brothers and the super rich are fighting against the good fight.

We will help you win the fight, My Liege. Do not give up.

1 comment:

  1. Bev wrote: I would add one more item. Get religion out of politics. We do not need a pseudo government based on one person's idea of what God is to us.

    McKeever replied: good idea - keep separation of church and state as in the Constitution

    Erik wrote: But Mike, does the constution only prohibit the government from establishing a national religion?

    McKeever replied: I think it says that Congress shall make no law establishing a state religion. Interpreted as allowing any church freedom to worship. But I am not an expert.