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Thursday, November 29, 2012

CEO Crooks Wet Themselves

Barry, My Liege :

A group of CEO's has entered into the discussion about the fiscal cliff and Social Security.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Here is the URL of an article describing their embarassment :

While they have benefitted obscenely from government subsidies and handouts, they are asking that poor and middle class folks give up even more of our pensions and healthcare so they can continue increasing their fortunes.

Their gall positively astounds.

It is clear what they want from us, so let it be clear what we want from them.

This is what we want :

1. A death tax that confiscates all their wealth except for a set figure not to exceed $100 million ; that's enough for anybody.

2. An incomes policy that sets a maximum for all income received in any year of $ 2 million ; that's enough for anybody.

3. A law which forbids any non-natural person from contributing to political campaigns.

4. Criminal prosecutions and personal civil liability for any and all individual employees who violate security and banking laws.

5. Elimination of any government subsidies for any company which violates federal law.

6. Aggressive enforcement of laws which protect individuals from fraud, misrepresentation or criminal acts by all corporations.

7. Effective securities laws and enforcement.

8. A law which regulates the salaries of public corporation officers and directors.

9. Aggressive prosecution of companies found guilty of 'union busting' tactics.

10. Aggressive enforcement of anti-monopoly laws so that no single company or affiliated group of companies can control more than 25% of any market.

My Liege, that is a start.

What we really want is to take back our country from the crooks who have stolen it and who now have the gall to publicly threaten us with the loss of our futures.

We need your help here, My Liege, for we are weak and destitute.

Your faithful servant,

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