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Saturday, December 1, 2012

ERIC HOLDER - G-RAT Real American Terrorist - 6

Barry, My Liege :

Your Attorney General has earned his G-RAT [Government Real American Terrorist] designation by his failure to prosecute the perpetrators of three direct attacks on the Economic National Security of the United States of America.

Since his Office of Attorney General of the United States is at the pinnacle of our governmental structure, his office or person is not required to benefit personally from his actions to earn that designation.

It is sufficient that the actions of his office strike at the heart of the Constitution and our Economic National Security.

My Liege, it can be said that Mr. Holder as your employee simply carries out your policies. If that is true, then you, My Liege, should own this designation as well.

First, Federal Prosecutions of financial fraud have fallen to a 20 year low on his watch.

This failure harms our Economic National Security because criminal actions by some organizations and individuals in the financial sector caused our current Recession. Without effective prosecutions of the organizations and individuals, they are likely to create additional recessions.

An article by Alexander Eichler provides details here :

Second, many monopolies and oligopolies continue to exist in the United States. Such organizations are illegal under various statutes because their existence harms our Economic National Security.

Monopolies harm our Security because they take exorbitant profits by charging higher prices than would competitors in a competitive industry. This taking creates accumulations of wealth with no social benefit and contributes to our economic inequality.

This space discussed some specific industries which appear to be monopolies or oligopolies under the terms of the statutes in a posting of May 2012.

Industries in which the four largest firms in terms of market share take more than 60% of total revenues are classed as monopolies or oligopolies and should be prosecuted.

Here is a list of industries in which companies earn these abnormal profits [the numbers after the name of the industry refer to the percentage share of total revenues for the industry earned by the four {4} largest firms] in 2002 :

Cigarettes 97.8

Guided Missiles 94.8

Aircraft 81.3

Breakfast cereal 80.4

Electric Lamps, Light Bulbs 75.4

Tires 77.6

Automobiles 67.6

Cookies, Crackers 69.3

Tortillas 57.4

Men's and Boy's Shirts 56.4

Dolls, Stuffed Toys 56.9

Fluid Milk 46.0

Ships, Boat Building 44.0

As a comparison, here are the industries and concentration ratios in 1997 :

Cigarettes 99

Cane Sugar Refining 99

Primary Copper 95

Glass Containers 91

Beer 90

Small-arms Ammunition 90

Electric Light Bulbs 89

Aircraft 85

Breakfast Cereals 83

Motor Vehicles 82

Household Refrigerators 82

Photo Equipment and Supplies 81

Turbines and Generators 78

Flat Glass 77

Fiber-Optic Cable 71

Men's Slacks 69

Tires 69

Motorcycles and Bicycles 68

Gypsum Products 68

Soap and Detergents 66

Lawn, Garden Equipment 64

Data is readily available to the Attorney General about these noncompetitive industries.

Lastly, 'union busting' activities harm our Economic National Security by preventing workers from enjoying better incomes and contributing to our economic inequalities.

While some of the prosecutions may fall to the NLRB, the Attorney General has a duty to investigate and prosecute egregious violations of Federal Law. He has not done so.

Here are some facts from a recent survey : 'In 91% of the union recognition petitions filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the survey, a majority of workers indicated they wanted a union before the process began. In several cases, workers demonstrated more than 80% support. However, unions were victorious in only 31% of the campaign in which they filed a petition.'

Barry, my Liege, if Mr. Holder continues these policies, The United states will continue to decline.

We pray you for relief.

Your faithful servant,

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