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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

American NAZIs: Why Now?

Why are we seeing NAZIs now?

One might ask that question.

The answer is that they have always been here but have stayed in the shadows, especially when the economy is doing well.

trump has appealed directly to them and they now feel emboldened to press their agenda.

But, and this is no surprise, some of their concerns are fueled by the economic policies in the United States.

We have a very high income and wealth gap between the few and the many. Folks at the bottom feel left out.

Ironically, their supposed champion, trump, is installing policies and people who are making the income and wealth gaps more severe. This is despite the campaign promises he made to reduce those gaps.

There are economic solutions to this question and I have outlined them in my Kindle book 'Occupy Wall Street Plan 12: A Proposal for Twelve Specific Governmental Actions to Correct Some Economic Imbalances in the United States of America'.

It is available here:

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