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Thursday, August 10, 2017

trump: Evil or Bat Shit Crazy?

Question of the day: Is trump Evil or Bat Shit Crazy?

This is not a new question. It is worth stating here to illustrate the starkness of options available to Americans and others.

Looking in from outside the United States, apparently, the United States of America has as its President a man about whom US voters and governments in our allies and enemies cannot decide if he is certifiably insane or simply evil.

Of course, as a philosophical matter, the answer is not critical in the short run, since changing the answer will not affect immediately any outcomes. But, and it is a big BUT, real people and real governments make decisions on what POTUS trump may or may not actually do. Different answers to this question can have significant long term impacts.

By using the word 'evil', I am suggesting that an 'evil' action by POTUS is an action taken with the intent of benefiting an enemy state or a criminal person who wishes to profit unfairly from or harm American citizens.

It is always possible that both of the extreme motivations attributed to POTUS can be correct simultaneously.

Armchair psychiatrists can and have diagnosed POTUS as suffering from several mental illnesses; since they have done so without benefit of an examination, their judgments must be held in abeyance.

At this writing, the Special Prosecutor is conducting an examination of POTUS actions to determine whether or not there is a cause for a criminal indictment.

Part of the reason for this examination is the significant financial revenues to POTUS assets and companies from Russian criminals including Putin.

Americans should pray for our country.

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