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Monday, June 4, 2018

Spring Country Studies

The Mike P. McKeever Institute of Economic Policy Analysis [MIEPA] takes pleasure in announcing the publication of its Spring 2018 Country Studies.


Of extraordinary interest is the publication of the study on Norway by Specialist Rune Nilsen. Norway participates in the NORDIC economic model which has been suggested as a functional alternative model to the Free Market Capitalism model currently practiced by the United States and several other Western nations.

Specialist Nilsen's Norway analysis is available here:


PERU - Specialist Diana Li Sam has examined the economy of Peru and her study is available here:

TURKEY - Specialist Doga Akpinaroglu has examined the economy of Turkey and his study is available here:

UNITED STATES - Three Specialists, Carmen Cortina, Mitchell Hom and Simon Shi have examined the economy of the United States. All three studies can be accessed here:

MIEPA home page:

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