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Friday, June 8, 2018

UPDATE What Motivates trump's Treason

trump is fighting in a war with Putin over the political future of the United States.

trump is fighting to harm our country by attacking the foundations of the United States of America on behalf of Putin and the Russian oligarchy.

This is treason of the highest order.

This idea may appear outlandish at first glance, but a study of political motivations will suggest its logic; and, I have studied Russian political motivations for a long time.

One way to interpret governmental actions is to find an explanation - regardless of how illogical the explanation may sound - which can explain past actions and also PREDICT future actions.

It is not enough to claim that he is a con-man creating distractions. He is that of course, but simple greed fails to account for many of his initiatives. It is wise to ask the basic question: What is the broader objective of each specific action?

It is better to examine any action and ask if it furthers the de-stabilization of the United States AND also furthers the interests of the Russian Oligarchs. If the action does those things simultaneously, then it is likely that it is so designed.

In other words, each action which contributes toward the de-stabilization of the United States is a deliberate act agreed upon by Putin and trump.

For example, trump just fired the entire board of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. []

This helps trump secure the approval and campaign contributions of the financial services and banking industry. AND, it benefits Putin by furthering the American population's fear that the game is rigged against them.

ALSO, the Congress just approved the DOJ's act to steal the private email and phone records of a reporter in furtherance of finding the leak of classified information.

This act erodes the constitution and contributes to the public mistrust in both the institutions of government and the reliability and patriotism of the press.

Both trump and Putin share this objective.


In the spirit of speculation.....trump has taken a lot of money from Russian thugs or oligarchs; they are the same people no matter what you call them.

When you accept a favor from gangster, he thinks he owns you. When he asks for a return favor, you must grant it. Or, he will hurt you and your family.

And, Putin has demonstrated that he will kill anyone anywhere whom he considers a traitor to Russia. He has said and done exactly that.

trump simply may be afraid that he and his family will be killed if he refuses to grant a favor.

The simplest way out of this mess is to pay trump one billion dollars in exchange for his immediate abdication.

Pence is an offensive dolt, but possibly has taken no money from the Russians

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