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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wes Clark - Revised

Here's how Wes Clark measures up according to a web site labelled 2004. See the site for details: [].

Although he is apparently not running, the 04 site has many detailed policy papers, some of which address the nine issues by implication rather than directly.

1.Political Corruption: Score 0.5

Wants open government, will reduce corruption to the extent that corruption requires secrecy

2. Military/Industrial Complex: Score 0

Committed to strong military - apparently does not recognize the MIC as a danger

3. Energy: Score 0

Can find no mention of energy alternatives

4. Unions - Labor and Consumer: Score 1

Wants to let workers organize

5. Income and Wealth Disparity: Score 1

Has a tax plan to relieve pressure on the middle class.

6. Elections: Score 0.5

Wants to secure voting for DC citizens, by implication seems to support clean elections

7. Judicial Independence: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

8. Trade deficits: Score 1

Wants to address the job exporting issue; good start, even though he seems not to metion trade deficit specifically

9. Usury Law: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

Wes Clark scores 4 out of 9 for a batting average of .444.

Keep him in the game, try to talk him off the DL.


  1. Maybe you should take a look at Project Vote Smart. They don't seem to have as much trouble finding out information about Clark as you seem to:

    For instance, re military spending:

    "As president I would undertake a full review of the military budget. I support every dime needed to keep America strong, but I won't tolerate billions of dollars in waste or inefficiency just because it has a military label on it. Still, it's not responsible to make specific commitments without full information."

    Keeping in mind that this was all from 2004.

    Clark has spoken out against the Military Commissions Act, the abuses of American civil liberties under the Patriot Act, renditions and in in full support of Geneva Convention....

  2. My policy questions, IMHO, are directed specifically at trends which place the American idea in danger. My scores are based on published statements which directly deal with those questions in an explicit manner. Leaders have an obligation to make their stands known, IMHO, and it is unwise to read too many tea leaves to deduce a policy stance. The MIC is about more than waste.

    General Clark has created a long list of specific and admirable policy stances - surely he can address these nine simple questions if he is interested. There is plenty of time to make some effective statements.

    BTW, since my identity is known, I ask that future commentators identify themselves.