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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mitt Romney

Here's how Mitt Romney measures up. See [] his web site for details.

1.Political Corruption: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

2. Military/Industrial Complex: Score 0

Could not find any mention, shame.

3. Energy: Score 1

Has an idea about energy alternatives and wants to use less oil

4. Unions - Labor and Consumer: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

5. Income and Wealth Disparity: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

6. Elections: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

7. Judicial Independence: Score 0

Too bad I can't use a negative score - Mitt wants judges to enforce his anti gay marriage agenda

8. Trade deficits: Score 0

Need a negative - he buys yesterday's news that free trade is the only answer to prosperity.

9. Usury Law: Score 0

No Mention - no surprise

Total 1.0 of 9 for a batting average of .110.

Studiously avoids important issues. Let him watch from the bench until he grows up.

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